Marketing 3.0

Start date: 1/1/2011
End date: 12/31/2011
Visible: Yes
Completed: Yes
Partner type: Business company
Project type: Project
Country: Italy
Abbreviation: Marketing 3.0
Title (language default): Marketing 3.0
Description (language default):
Marketing 3.0 project takes its name from Philip Kotler's book published in 2010 that addresses its focus  on customer and to its consumption’s experience, rather than the characteristics of a product or service, typical of traditional marketing (1.0) , or interactions on social media (2.0). The core of 3.0 marketing is the knowledge that customers, first of all, are people with strong beliefs and values, which should be treated with respect and should be followed in their changes.
Info (language default):
The project in this regard provides an industrial research aimed at creating a digital platform capable of listening and dialogue with the consumers in a timely manner and define marketing programs that are consistent with the profile, the experience in respect of 'company (brand name and products), and expectations in general compared to the referring market. A platform able of interpreting the thoughts of people to make an offer that better aligns the needs of today and tomorrow.
Project summary (language default):
The project is therefore an industrial research aimed at acquiring the knowledge needed to improve the quality of the business relationship with customers, as well as allow the formulation and development of new products that are consistent with expectations and latent needs of those who rarely may be explicitly expressed, but which are understood by listening and analyzing the natural language of the people, gained mainly in online interactions (web sites and social networks).
Action field (language default): Supporting business development

Antonio Forlini (organization: Amadori)
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