Start date: 1/1/2011
End date: 12/31/2011
Visible: Yes
Completed: Yes
Partner type: Business company
Project type: Project
Country: Italy
Abbreviation: Nu.te.co.pa.
Title (language default): Nu.te.co.pa.
Description (language default):
The conservation and the naturalness of food’s products is one of the major need in the development of products with higher service. The heat treatments and the use of ingredients and additives such as salt or preserving agents represented, since antiquity are the most commonly methods  used to prolong the preservation of food and their health. The increasingly needs of the market today require the definition of new techniques and technologies that allow the extension of preservation with respect to the contents of naturalness and consumer’s  experience, that is not yet available in the field of meat products.
Info (language default):
The results will produce, the introduction of new product lines and at the improvement of the existing ones in order to enhance their competitiveness on the referring market.
Project summary (language default):
The project is an industrial research aiming at acquiring the knowledge needed to improve the quality, as well as allow the formulation and development, of new products.
Action field (language default): Research and consulting

Antonio Forlini (organization: Amadori)
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